Alleanza Bidla (Alliance for Change), which contested the last MEP elections in Malta, yesterday wrote to British Prime Minister David Cameron in support of his indignation over Brussels’ demand that the UK forks out an additional GBP1.7 billion for the EU’s budget. Also citing the €13 million Malta is being asked to pay, Alleanza Bidla said, “You have rightly reacted to these unreasonable financial demands.” Alleanza Bidla said in its letter – signed by Ivan Mintoff Grech and Anthony Calleja –“The demands of the European Commission on member states like Britain and Malta are demeaning and unacceptable. Britain, Malta and the other member states deserve much, much better. We will argue that Malta will partner with Britain in the negotiations and change some of the conditions of our membership.“In Malta, Alleanza Bidla will forcefully and publically back your government’s view on the latest financial demands both with regard to the UK and Malta. We will also support the wider cause of a renegotiation of both our countries’ membership agreements. We are sure that the majority of our Maltese compatriots agree with us on this matter. “Our current government is unable and unwilling to defend the interests of Malta in European negotiations. As close friends and allies through history, we ask that you not only speak for the UK but also champion the cause of the citizens of Malta by demanding equal treatment of all countries on this matter.”

First published in The Malta Independent 26/10/14