Transport and Traffic

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The traffic situation on the Maltese Islands has worsened in the last few years. Despite the EU funds, many of our roads are in deplorable state. Arterial roads have not been given the necessary attention by past administrations. Even worse, the traffic in our streets is increasing day by day and has reached as state and there are no imminent solutions to our traffic jams.

A programme of proper resurfacing for all arterial and secondary roads will take off. Government will once again institute a proper public works unit and together with reliable private industry undertake the building and repairs of roads and streets including pavements.

The public transport has  become totally unsatisfactory. The cost for our public transport is increasing day by day.

Alleanza Bidla will provide free public transport all families with an income less than €8500 per year.

Another incentive will be that any person over eighteen, who does not own a car or accept to stop owning a car will be given free public transport.

Moreover, Government will stop squandering money as is happening presently for a public transport, which does not meet the requisites of the Maltese. If the firm handling the public transport does not improve the service, Alleanza Bidla will be more than ready to revert to the past system, where buses were individually owned by Maltese citizens and offered a cheap and reliable service.

Alleanza Bidla is proposing reverting to a travel system that allows one to pay a regulated price according to distance covered.

More buses will be stationed near tourist hotspots and hotels this reducing congestion of buses used for workers and students.

A scheme removing taxes and registration fees from all 125cc motorcycles and electric bikes and bicycles will be enacted. Hybrid cars will have taxes and registration halved and the first two years they will enjoy from a reduced license fee.

Electric cars will have no taxes, no registration and license fee for the first two years. In the case of second hand hybrid and electric cars the free licence will be for one year!

Air Malta will receive funding from private enterprises and government where necessary and it will be seen that there will no be politically employed personnel!
Ministerial vehicles will be at the disposition of ministries and will not be used for private use.

A special grant will be given to pensioners to have a 35% rebate on parking fees.

Transport between Malta and Gozo and Coming will be augmented particularly in the holiday season by small to medium fast ferries that provide quicker times at slightly higher fares. The company for this ferry service will be offered to private enterprise with a government shareholding