Yesterday (18/06/18), Porta a Porta, Italy's most important political programme on RAI 1 picked up on Alleanza Bidla 's press release regarding the evidence that Ivan Grech Mintoff presented to the Maltese courts. Amongst other things, Pierfrancesco De Robertis is quoted as saying "... the ultimate question is at the end of the day, what is Malta doing in the European Union? "

Important Notice 18/06/2018

Alleanza Bidla has decided to make public these notes and short video. These notes contain a summary of the assertions, evidence and testimony relating to the allegations that there have been illicit sales of Schengen Visas at the Maltese Consulate in Tripoli and in the issuance of Humanitarian Medical Visas by persons in the Office of the Maltese Prime Minister. If the allegations are correct, then corrupt officials have issued up to 88,000 Schengen Visas and an unknown number of Medical Visas, permitting an inflow in to the European Union of persons that could be potential security threats and/or illegal migrants. Furthermore, there are indications that persons that should have been entitled to Medical Visas free of charge might have been forced to pay for them or, in some cases not been able to access healthcare that under government agreements were guaranteed. The scheme, if the assertions prove to be correct, has netted the persons involved millions of euros.

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Script and Recording of various witnesses

Welcome to Alleanza Bidla

We at Alleanza Bidla have formed an ‘Alliance' of serious minded people who feel that it is time to truly ‘step up and speak up’ about an increasingly disturbing era in Maltese politics. Our aim is to represent those Maltese people who feel that their needs are not being met by the present political parties whom we believe strongly, no longer represent our aspirations, beliefs and needs

Our 'Alliance' came together naturally at a crucial time when the two main parties have clearly become more neo-liberal, less faithful to the core beliefs of our communities and have fallen short on their original promises. We offer a viable, authentic and credible alternative to the existing two main parties based upon true Maltese Identity, Culture & Values, those that we Maltese hold dear.

We are a committed leadership and offer solutions that we believe will see our, once proud nation, return to its former international high standing and esteem. This is why we are an ‘Alliance’ and this is why we insist on ‘Change’ - Alleanza Bidla

Ivan Grech Mintoff - President, Alleanza Bidla