In these last years, sport and its importance has been completely side-lined. It has  stopped featuring concretely in the budgets of the Maltese Government. It is very important to have good sports amenities, which are state of the art but unfortunately, most of the present enmities are in a state of neglect. A number of these amenities need to be either modernized or improved.

A totally new approach will has to be introduced, which will help Maltese athletes and sportsmen in all types of sport both financially and via decent amenities.

Alleanza Bidla Party in government will ensure the improvement of existing football grounds and also facilitate their use for several other types of sport too.

The only sport that is exploited commercially to the full and on an international basis is scuba diving. There are other niche areas, which this country can develop and exploit in the same manner and for this to be achieved, it is very important that our present sports facilities reach a standard that will start to seriously attract foreigners to come and enjoy the services offered in this sector. 

Important new areas, such as sailing, water polo, various types of shooting ranges and so on should be created.

Alleanza Bidla Party in government will be a catalyst in promoting the use of our resources, including schools and other local venues for all types of extra-curricular activities: from sports to cultural activities.  In today’s world, it does not make sense that a building is used only for a number of set hours only but via public structure, they  could ideally be used around the clock to get the maximum out of such buildings. This should be the spirit by which the government, with the help of civil society and the private sector promotes a “healthy lifestyle through sports” and an offer a real alternative to the pre-set types of amusements like nightclubs and bars.