When it comes to environmental abuse is to be found in all spheres of the environment.

Indeed if there is one area where there has been too much neglect and huge failure by both the traditional parties it is in the area of the environment.

Abuse in our sea, air land and any other natural rescources carries anubaited and has clearly increased in the last legislation where making money by the higher echelons seems to be far more important than safeguarding Malta’s fragile environment.

Simply put, Malta’s environment is very small and limited. It is therefore very important to implement a serious policy, back it up with some legal structure that will not tolerate any more abuse and leave a better environment to future generations as their inheritance from us.



The water table is on the verge of collapse. Past governments have relied on reverse osmosis of sea water. This is an expensive procedure and is totally reliant on electricity. It has many potential points of failure and will have disastrous consequences if it stops. On the other hand, drilling for fresh water for irrigation is so cheap that it is pumped up without serious control. ‘Alleanza Bidla’ Will ensure that natural rain water will be better harvested and utilised directly rather than simply allowed to run off into the sea carrying with it precious top soil.

New housing (both public and private) should be built so that they use up less energy and also capture enough water in wells for use. Recycling of such water should also be encouraged via money saving incentives.

Fish farms will be placed in a selected area away from shore so that the marine ecosystem is better protected. Proper monitoring will also be carried out so as to avoid abuse and misinformation.

Ships will not be allowed to berth on ‘Hurd’s bank’ which is showing much ecological damage. Ships will be force to anchor in least 400m of water as opposed to the present 200m.

Vehicles (especially plant and government vehicles) not presently meeting EU standards will have to have emission filters fitted so that we may reduce air pollution significantly.

MEPA is clearly not functioning properly and ‘Alleanza Bidla’ is open to discussion to see this authority dismantled and replaced by a better system that will see it function with the interest of the people first and foremost rather than the present situation whereby the developer’s interest and his associated partners seems to come first.

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