The Alleanza Bidla party is not considering taking up a call earlier this week from Democratic Party leader Marlene Farrugia to form a coalition to ‘take take Malta back from ‘Putinesque parasites’.In a statement yesterday, Alleanza Bidla said: “Malta does not need a simple ‘vegetable soup’ of different conflicting policies and directions to solve its present problem but a party offering strong leadership, solutions with a single, clear direction. Malta needs a specific and single type of ‘meat’ for the Maltese people: one with a Clear  Maltese identity, which contains strong morals that goes along with our inherited  culture: steak, not kawlata.” The party said the outcome of this partnership that Dr Farrugia is proposing can only result in more of the same, “liberalist policies as is currently being offered by the federalist PN, PL and AD. To us, it is a failed direction already. “To make matters worse this more of the same, liberalism concept is further enforced when for some reason, Marlene (for whom I hold great respect) attacks President Putin directly. She bizarrely compares Muscat’s action to that of Russian President Putin. “Putin always puts his country first and foremost. He refuses to be intimidated and bow to any foreign pressure. He insists on his country’s sovereign rights. Russian Identity, Christian inheritance and strong moral values drive his policies. He has succeeded in making Russia great again – a world power to be taken seriously. On the other hand the present PN, PL, AD and now it seems Marlene’s party too, are all quite happy to remain subservient to the present and harmful EU. Malta reels from one international embarrassment to another.” The party said that by “unnecessarily throwing insults at Putin at this early stage, one can only conclude that like PN PL and AD, Dr Farrugia’s new party is very much towing the pro-Clinton line. Russia has always been a good ally of Malta and we should never forget that. We should be working actively for solution rather than be used to create them ourselves. “All the above is totally unacceptable to us. Having had our sovereignty undermined thanks to the PN and AD and now the PL leadership too, we are rejecting them all. We insist that, like Britain and other countries too, Malta should now seriously reconsider its relationship with the EU. We too should renegotiate a new package and then allow the people to decide their own future via a democratic, national referendum. Let the people decide their future. Something that none of the above parties are willing to allow. “Alleanza Bidla will therefore maintain its present, clear direction. We see ourselves as the only viable and serious alternative to the present neo-liberalist parties imposing themselves on our country. We have decided to reject being assimilated into something which we believe is actually totally unworkable right from the start.”