Foreign Policy


Malta’s Foreign Policy is in a state of total disaster.  This is because for decades now, we have not stuck to our own Constitution with regards to several policies and this blatant breach in law has created several wrong and harmful decisions to be made when it comes to foreign policy.

Alleanza Bilda maintains that our foreign minister is knowingly breaking national law as well as international treaties. In fact, the foreign office is suffering very low morale as Ambassadors and staff are not being allowed to do their job effectively.  Finally, the age of many Ambassadors is hovering around retirement age and there is certainly a lack of fresh blood to take over the energetic role of such postings.

Within the past few years Malta has also suffered several large, international embarrassments that has painted Malta as a centre of corruption and abuse.

Malta’s once proud and clean reputation has been destroyed.

Worse, we are now not only losing political credibility and even contributing directly to instability of our region but we are also losing economic and investment opportunities too.

This new liberal direction fraught with illegal actions has failed Malta completely.


Malta’s foreign policy must be rebuilt with a “back to basics” philosophy.

We must first go back to adhere completely to our Constitution, our national laws and international obligation. All actions, including the issue of Visas from our foreign presences has the right controls in place in order to ensure total safety to our state.

We must also rebuild the genuine relationships with long standing friends. We must reject a policy that is based on anything that infringes on our neutrality. We must work for more stability in our region. A stability that is much needed and upon which we can build a stronger economy and attract real and clean investment in order to ensure a solid future for the next generations.

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